Elevate Your Cake Decorating Skills with Our Professional Diploma Courses

August 22, 2023

Want to Learn How to Create Amazing Cakes? Elevate Your Baking & Cake Decorating Skills with Our Professional Diploma Courses

Are you passionate about cakes and and looking to take your baking & cake decorating skills to the next level? The wait is over! The Professional Diploma is back at the Rosalind Miller Cake School, and it’s better than ever. After the overwhelming success of our previous courses in London, we’re thrilled to announce the return of our revamped Professional Diploma program for Autumn/Winter 2023.


What Is the Professional Diploma?

Our Professional Diploma courses are intensive, hands-on experiences designed to help you master the art of cake crafting, whether you’re a novice or an experienced cake maker. We offer a diverse range of courses catering to various interests and skill levels. What’s even more exciting is that these courses can be taken individually or as a full set of six courses to earn the prestigious “Professional Master Diploma Certification.”


Course Highlights

  1. Baking & Buttercream Professional Diploma
    • Date: Mon 2nd – Thu 5th Oct 2023
    • Master the art of baking, filling, covering, and stacking cakes.
    • Create delicious cakes using our signature recipes, including vegan options.
    • Perfect your buttercream cake finishing and piping skills.
    • Leave with stunningly decorated creations.
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  2. Sweet Treats Professional Diploma
    • Date: Mon 9th – Wed 11th Oct 2023
    • Explore the world of sweet treats, from mini bundt cakes to beautifully iced cookies.
    • Get hands-on experience with various techniques.
    • Learn how to build a beautiful dessert table.
    • Leave with a collection of your sweet creations.
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  3. Beginners Sugar Flowers Professional Diploma
    • Date: Mon 16th – Tue 17th Oct 2023
    • Start your journey into floral cake decorating.
    • Learn to craft exquisite sugar flowers guided by Rosalind.
    • Create Jasmine, Roses, Cherry Blossoms, leaves, and more.
    • Discover techniques for realistic coloring.
    • Leave with a beautiful collection of sugar flowers.
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  4. Advanced Sugar Flowers Professional Diploma
    • Date: Wed 18th – Fri 20th Oct 2023
    • Elevate your sugar flower artistry.
    • Create intricate advanced sugar flowers like Peonies, Clematis, Modern Roses, Lavender, and more.
    • Work with flower paste, assemble wired petals, and master realistic coloring.
    • Take home your full collection of beautiful sugar flowers.
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  5. The Perfect Finish Professional Diploma
    • Date: Mon 30th – Tue 31st Oct 2023
    • Achieve cake perfection with techniques for flawlessly covering cakes using fondant and ganache.
    • Learn to create smooth finishes and sharp edges.
    • Ideal for professionals and passionate home-bakers.
    • Take home your completed 2-tier cake and newfound confidence.
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  6. Contemporary Wedding Cake Decoration Professional Diploma
    • Date: Mon 6th – Weds 8th Nov 2023
    • Turn your dreams of designing contemporary wedding cakes into reality.
    • Craft modern textured finishes, stenciled metallic designs, whimsical rice paper flowers, and more.
    • Discover unique design techniques.
    • Leave with a stunning 3-tier dummy cake to showcase your skills.
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Choose Your Path

You have the flexibility to take individual Professional Diploma Courses or complete all six to earn the prestigious ‘Professional Master Diploma Certification.’

For detailed course descriptions, fees, and booking information, please visit our website or click through for details on each class above.

These courses are perfect for both enthusiasts and professionals alike. We keep class sizes small to provide personalised instruction, so don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to learn from the best in the field. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Elevate your cake crafting skills with the Rosalind Miller Cake School’s Professional Diploma courses. Join us in Autumn/Winter 2023 for a sweet journey of creativity and skill development.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enhance your cake decorating skills! Join us this Autumn/Winter for a memorable and educational experience.


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