Online Cake Classes

August 25, 2020


Since the launch of our hugely popular online cake courses, we are now very excited to present our brand new online cake classes for all aspiring bakers wanting to perfect their craft. These 3 new classes are:

  1. All About Buttercream
  2. How to Set Up and Run a Successful Cake Business
  3. The Art of Vegan Cake Baking

So whether you’re an expert baker looking to turn your talents into a full-time business, or an amateur home-baker hoping to sharpen your baking skills, you are sure to enjoy the versatility these classes have to offer. 

The best part of it all is that these online baking classes will be available to watch at your own pace with easy to follow, step by step video tutorials and precise instructions from Rosalind Miller herself, alongside our head baker.

Turn your talents into a profitable cake business

With a decade of experience and success behind us, we want to share our personal journey and provide you with a few pearls of wisdom, to help other bakers achieve their dreams of becoming professional entrepreneurs in the cake baking industry. 

For the past year and a half, our sell-out Cake Baking and Decorating Diploma has taken bakers just like you through the important fundamentals of cake creation – from cake baking and decorating to specific design techniques. At Rosalind Miller, we’re now going a step further by breaking down some of those fundamentals into smaller, more digestible cake-sized chunks.

As part of the Professional Master Diploma in baking and decorating, we are offering you an online class that you can take from the comfort of your own home, to learn the complete process of setting up and running your very own cake business.


How to Set Up and Run a Successful Cake Business

In this particular online class, we take a step back from the practical elements of cake baking and focus on the steps you should take to set up a successful cake business.

We will take you through everything we’ve learned in the cake baking industry to equip you with the necessary tools to start your own cake business – from the initial setup to becoming an established bakery.

What you will learn:

  • Laws and regulations of setting up a cake baking business
  • Health and safety requirements 
  • Costings – how to successfully price cakes to make a good profit and earn a decent living
  • Client consultations – how to communicate with clients and effectively sell to them 
  • Delivery – the best and safest way to deliver cakes 
  • Insurance 
  • Expenses – how to efficiently store documentation and records 
  • Designing a specific cake for clients – how to interpret client ideas and transfer that into a visual representation
  • Terms of business – e.g. how to deal with damages
  • Marketing 
  • Branding 
  • Social media 

This online course is taught by Rosalind Miller herself as she covers each of these important areas of business from an entrepreneurial and master cake baker’s perspective.

Practical cake baking, filling and decorating skills  

Diving back into the practical side of cake creation, the next two online cake classes teach aspiring bakers about the exciting world of buttercream, and how to make delectable vegan cakes. 

In these online baking classes, we teach practical and transferable skills that you can use in your own personal cake designing and baking techniques. These essential know-hows will prove invaluable to any cake baker wanting to take their creations to new heights of taste and design. 

All About Buttercream 

As any master baker knows, a cake isn’t complete without the perfect amount of buttercream to achieve a perfectly balanced slice,  add complementary flavours, and the beautiful finish every cake needs. 

There are several buttercream flavours to explore and enjoy which we will be discussing in this class, as well as showing you how to incorporate them into your cake. The buttercream techniques you will learn include filling and layering, to coating and icing the outside of a cake for a pristine, even finish. 

What you will learn:

  • How to make Swiss meringue buttercream 
  • How to make American buttercream
  • How to ‘crumb coat’ your cake with buttercream 
  • How to flawlessly ice your cake with buttercream with sharp edges  in an ombre finish
  • How to pipe   marble shell piping with Swiss meringue buttercream
  • How to pipe buttercream flowers, blossoms and leaves designs 
  • How to pipe cupcakes with American buttercream 

This online exclusive will be taught by both Rosalind Miller and our head baker. So, sign-up today!


The Art of Vegan Cake Baking 

This guide to vegan cake baking teaches the fundamentals to get you started as a master vegan baker. By the end of this class, you will be able to create plant-based baked goods that look and taste just as good as the original thing. 

The two delicious cakes that will be taught in this online class are vegan chocolate and coconut cake and vegan lemon and blueberry cake. We will go through essentials such as, how to use vegan ingredients as replacements for non-vegan components, and how to mix ingredients effectively to allow your cake to rise properly. 

What you will learn:

  • How to avoid vegan baking mistakes – over or under baking and how to end up with a light and fluffy sponge that isn’t too dense 
  • How to use vegan alternative ingredients and what to use – including egg replacements
  • How to make vegan buttercreams in different flavours  and vegan chocolate ganache 
  • How to cut and layer a cake 
  • How to make crystallised flowers for decorating and finishing purposes
  • Final finishing touches to decorate your cake 

What makes these online cake classes so unique is that they are being taught by a successful cake business company with years of invaluable personal experience that has proven to turn these baking skills into an ongoing enterprise for others to enjoy and learn from.