Professional Master Diploma in Cake Baking and Decorating


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Complete the full five modules to receive your Rosalind Miller Cake School Master Diploma Certification! Alternatively, you can choose to partake in individual Diploma modules and receive our Diploma Module Certificate of Excellence.

Here at Rosalind Miller Cake School we want to offer you an exciting opportunity on the Professional Master Diploma in Cake Baking and Decorating to learn all the skills and industry ‘know-how’ developed by Rosalind’s experience of 20+ years in the design and cake industry.

As a working cake kitchen, we pride ourselves on developing and keeping up with the current cake trends and techniques. Our tutor team cross work within our kitchens, so we are teaching you the exact same skills and techniques that we use within our own production team. We understand the need to use commercial methods and approaches, knowing that not only do you want to produce a beautiful cake, but that it also must be time efficient and cost effective. Rosalind has developed many techniques that are bespoke to her brand, and in these practical Diploma modules she and the team will be able to share with you all their hints, tips and trade secrets.

Broken down into five separate modules you can choose to partake in just one individual Diploma module or complete the full five to receive your Master Diploma Certification. The modules will cover all the practical and essential foundation skills for wedding and celebration cake making, teaching you all the important details of production to help ensure you have success every time you produce a cake.

We also want to share with you more than just practical cake making, as we understand that to be a successful cake business within the industry you need other skills too. Skills that are not always taught. Therefore, we have included a Design, Business and Photography module that also covers important subjects such as Branding, Costings, PR and Marketing.

Our school facilities are purpose built and offer the best possible learning environment for your successful tuition. We keep our class numbers small and intimate to ensure you get the best level of tuition you need as a class and as an individual.

The Diploma in Cake Baking and Decorating is suited to everyone, whether you’re a beginner looking to learn a new skill, or you are an experienced cake maker wishing to improve upon and update your existing skill sets.

Our aim is that every student leaves our Diploma courses with the skills and knowledge to produce beautiful cakes with confidence, craftsmanship and expert knowledge. We want you to be inspired and guided into developing your own creativity and producing your own stunning and unique designs.


Skill level: Beginner or Intermediate

Price: £5595.00


The Program:

The Full Master Diploma is broken down into five individual modules. Each module can be taken as a standalone class or as part of the full program. We’ve ensured that each module covers new and exciting skills, so that there is little overlapping course content. The modules include:

The Foundations of Baking and Decorating – 5 days

An intensive masterclass that covers all the essential skills and recipes needed to confidently bake, fill, cover and stack cakes to the highest professional standard.

Essential Techniques for Wedding Cakes and Favours – 6 days

A beautiful ‘all-encompassing’ class where you will learn how to expertly decorate your designs with a beautiful variety of skillsets.

The Complete Dessert Table – 5 days

A stunning class that teaches you all the skills, techniques, planning and timing to produce a beautiful and well-executed display of edible treats.

Floral Tiered Cake – 5 days

An essential masterclass in making beautiful Sugar Flowers and Bouquets for Floral cake designs.

Design, Business and Photography – 3 days

The ‘Insiders’ Knowledge’ course that teaches you everything you need to know about running a cake business, but no one usually tells you!


Questions & Answers:

How do I achieve a Master Diploma?

To receive a full Master Diploma, you must have completed all five modules. There is no time limit in which you have to do this.

Do I have to attend the Diploma modules in any particular order to receive my Master Diploma?

You can attend the Diploma modules in any order that suits you, however, we do suggest that if you are a novice or have limited prior experience you begin with either our ‘Foundations of Baking and Decorating’ or ‘Essential Techniques for Wedding Cakes and Favours’  modules.

Will it be ok for me to just attend one Diploma Module?

Absolutely, you are more than welcome to attend any standalone module of your choosing.

How can I secure my place on a class?

Places are secured upon full payment.

Is the course certified?

After the completion of each module, you will receive a ‘Diploma Certificate of Excellence’ awarded by the Rosalind Miller Cake School. Upon completion of all five modules, you will receive your full Master Diploma Certificate.

Will there be any accompanying course material?

Each module comes with full illustrative course notes written in English.

Is the course examined?

There are no exams or tests on the class.

How many students are in each class?

The class sizes are set to a maximum of 8 – 12 students depending on the class content. Due to Coronavirus restrictions class numbers are reduced.

Am I allowed to take photographs in class?

You are welcome to take videos and photographs of your own work, which if you use on social media we would love you to tag us in @rosalindmillercakes on Instagram,  or

Will I need to bring anything for class with me?

We will provide everything needed for the duration of your course except for lunch.

What should I wear to class?

Please wear flat, clean and comfortable shoes as you will be on your feet for most of the day. Hair should be clean and tied back and you may wish to remove your jewellery. We also suggest that you don’t wear any fluffy jumpers.

How will I take my cakes home?

We will provide the cake boxes but we suggest you bring a few really large bags and make sure that you have adequate transport arrangements home.

 What is the minimum age required to attend the class?

Due to health and safety restrictions, you must be at least 16 years old to attend.

If English is not my first language, is it still ok to attend?

Many of our students are international, with English not being their native language. We find that as the course content is so visual and ‘hands on’ this doesn’t hinder anyone’s learning or classroom experience.

Will I need to obtain a student visa to attend?

You will not require a student visa to attend any of our classes however you may need to obtain a tourist visa to enter the UK. Any visas that are required are the student’s responsibility, therefore we suggest ensuring that you have the correct visas in place prior to booking your class.

Is there accommodation?

As a school, we do not provide any accommodation. However, there are many local Airbnb’s and we are very close to central London via train.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please see Booking Conditions below.


We are unable to offer any refunds should you decide to cancel or are unable to attend your Masterclass or Diploma course at Rosalind Miller Cake School. If you are unable to attend and wish to book onto a different Masterclass or Diploma course this may be possible in some circumstances, dependent on availability and at the discretion of Rosalind Miller Cakes. Any transfers will incur a £25 administration fee per Masterclass or Diploma module. We recommend taking out the appropriate insurance to cover your costs in case you are unable to attend for any reason. No part of this course and its materials may be reproduced or used in any manner for commercial use. You may use course materials for personal use only.


We reserve the right to cancel a Masterclass or Diploma course under certain circumstances. In the unlikely event that this happens, we will reschedule the Masterclass or Diploma course date and offer students a transfer to the rescheduled date, or if the new date is not convenient, we will offer a transfer to an alternative class or online class. We will endeavour to advise students as far in advance as possible if we need to cancel a class.

COVID-19 – If we are required to cancel classes or close Rosalind Miller Cake School due to government restrictions surrounding COVID-19, we will issue all students with a Credit Voucher which can be used to re-book at a later date. We will endeavour to reschedule the class/es and offer students a transfer to the rescheduled date, or if the new date is not convenient, we will offer a transfer to an alternative class or online class. These students will be given first refusal for any new dates announced.

If we are still able to run classes, but you are unable to attend for any reason (for instance should any student be required to self-isolate, they will not be permitted to attend Rosalind Miller Cake School) and this will be treated as a cancellation. Students may only be transferred to another date/class if Rosalind Miller Cake School is able to resell their original place to another student.

Copyright: All content on the ‘Rosalind Miller Cakes’ and ‘Confection by Rosalind Miller’ website, our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and LinkedIn pages are the intellectual property of Rosalind Miller Cakes Ltd.

You may not use designs, lesson formats, photographs, handbooks, techniques, correspondence, or any other elements of the Rosalind Miller Cake School’s course(s) for your own classes or the promotion of your classes.

You may not use the items you have created during any Rosalind Miller Cake School course(s) to promote your own course(s).

If this happens you may be subject to legal action against you and your business. By attending our Masterclasses or Diploma courses you agree not to copy or imitate any Rosalind Miller content for commercial purposes.