Finding the Perfect Fairytale Wedding Cake

July 20, 2020


At Rosalind Miller, we craft bespoke fairytale wedding cakes that look and taste extraordinary. Through a fusion of awe-inspiring design, delicious ingredients, and dedicated craftsmanship, our selection helps couples celebrate their marriage the right way. Whether our customers are after a traditional looking wedding cake with fruity flavors, white layers or something completely different (think a silver and black marble wedding cake), we cater to every couples’ individual tastes.

Why does a fairytale wedding cake matter

At the heart of every successful wedding lies a wedding cake. It is an intrinsic component of the celebration. Wedding cakes are often the centerpiece of a wedding, sitting in the eye line of all guests and symbolic of companionship.

The cutting of the wedding cake is a charming tradition practiced alongside first dances and bouquet tosses. It completes the wedding celebration and offers guests a small part of your day in the form of something delicious and aesthetically pleasing. If your guests aren’t wowed by your wedding cake, then there’s a problem. This is why finding the perfect wedding cake is important for couples during their wedding planning process.


When you think of traditional wedding cakes, you think of fruit-based cakes with white icing and multiple tiers. While this is a fantastic way to celebrate your special day, you can always opt for something a little different and extra colourful.

From a piped embroidered wedding cake, to an enchanted forest wedding cake, to a watercolour enamel wedding cake, we at Rosalind Miller Cakes craft a number of wedding cake designs for those in search of something unique. Featuring exquisite decorations, intricately designed sugar flowers, and many other detailed embellishments, your guests will be completely blown away by your fairytale wedding cake.

If you are happy with a more traditional wedding cake in relation to both taste and design, we offer these too. Our Elegance and Grace selections feature more traditional intricately designed cakes with classic colouring and embellishments. Shop them here.

Finding the perfect wedding cake

As such an important component of a wedding day, finding the perfect wedding cake takes time and consideration. How do you pick the right one? The many wedding cakes out there produced by the many wedding cake stores and designers can be an overwhelming choice. There are key factors to consider when picking the right design for your wedding cake. These include:

Your wedding venue

Your wedding venue is a great source of inspiration for your choice of wedding cake. A wedding in a rustic barn is going to have a different aesthetic from a wedding in a high-end hotel. A rustic barn wedding cake may feature a non-traditional cake with vibrant colours, whereas a wedding in a high-end hotel may feature a traditional cake with white icing. Of course, the overall colour scheme of your wedding venue will also impact the design of your wedding cake.

Your guestlist

The size of your guestlist will impact the size of your wedding cake. How many slices of cake do you need in order to cater to every guest at your wedding celebration? The answer to this question will determine how many tiers your wedding cake will have. If you don’t mind having wedding cake leftovers, then you might be less preoccupied with your guestlist when it comes to cake planning.

Your taste buds

The wedding cake design and flavour all comes down to you and your partner’s taste buds. How experimental are you when it comes to tasting baked goods? You want a wedding cake that you know that you, your partner, and all of your guests will find delicious. There are so many flavours to choose from. After a few tasting sessions and some expert advice, you’ll find a flavour that ticks all the boxes and comes with it a fantastic design.

Rosalind Miller’s fairytale wedding cake selection

Are you tired of searching for the perfect fairytale wedding cake?

Our selection truly is enchanted.

Our fairytale flowers wedding cake features climbing sugar flowers across every tier. Our fairytale romance cake features a similar floral pattern with eight incredible tiers. Our fairytale shimmer cake features a shimmering pearlised base in champagne, overlaid with a hand-cut enchanted forest design, and a romantic fairytale bride and groom. Shop these cakes today.

If you’re in search of a fairytale wedding cake, look no further than Rosalind Miller’s exquisite selection. We have so many to choose from.