Thinking of Taking an Online Baking Class? One Happy Student Shares Her Experience!

November 19, 2020

You know what they say, the proof is in the pudding. Here’s how the Rosalind Miller Baking Fundamentals course transformed the mindset of a professional cake maker…

The Rosalind Miller Baking Fundamentals course has become one of the most renowned and sought-after baking classes out there. We’ve worked really hard on the content, and we believe it’s ideal for avid bakers wanting to enhance their skills and master the art of baking.

To make the course even more available to everyone, especially during these unique times, we’ve created a fantastic online course. The virtual course takes beginners through baking fundamentals, such as how to avoid common baking problems, how to adapt your recipe for other flavours, how to layer and fill a cake, and how to decorate your cake with edible decorations. And that’s just a handful of the topics we cover.  

One baker, in particular, found the Baking Fundamentals online course to be an invaluable experience. One that has helped her improve her skills in baking and grow in confidence as a legitimate baker. 

Meet Shaakira – an amateur baker who decided to leave her full-time role in corporate brand communications, and follow her passion for cake making. She set up her business – Lulupops Indulgent Cakes – and now produces beautiful handmade cakes. 

It was the creativity and artistry that first drew Shaakira into professional cake making. And, even though she’s a confident cook, when it came to baking she wasn’t all too familiar with the basics. 

That is, until she discovered the online Baking Fundamentals class by Rosalind, and knew right away it was her chance to explore the all-important need-to-knows and head in the right direction. We sat down with Shaakira to talk about the course…

How did you find out about the Baking Fundamentals online course?

The course itself was a gift from my husband. He actually wanted to send me to the face-to-face class in London, but because all the classes had been on-hold because of the Coronavirus, we thought it wasn’t going to be possible and researched what the next best thing would be. I also remember saying to him I want my cakes to be consistent, I want customers that keep coming back because they know they are going to receive the same standard of quality and product every time. I don’t want to keep chopping and changing the sponge. So, he started researching the best cake makers in the UK and Rosalind’s name came up. That’s when he said this woman has been around for a long time and she knows cakes and if there is anyone you want to learn from, it’s her. 

So, I looked at her and said ok, she knows how to do things. She’s in Harrods which says a lot, and if I want my cakes to be known out there I want to affiliate my personal brand with something that is very established as well. So, when people are buying a cake from me with the knowledge that I’m using her recipe, it says a lot and gives my brand great credibility. And that’s how I decided to do this course. 

How has this course helped you in terms of baking?

I learned so much from it! The recipes are my blueprint and I use them for everything. The sponges are foolproof and I use them for cakes and cupcakes. I wouldn’t go back to any other recipe now. Now that I know I have perfected this, you don’t want to part with something that is absolutely perfect!


How helpful did you find the content of the course?

The content was super-helpful. The fact that there was a video to watch how it was being done was great. Sometimes the smallest of things we may overlook – for example, don’t put your beater on too fast at this stage (which nobody really thinks about). We may just overbeat and wonder why cakes don’t work out as well as they should. Along with the manual that you get, you also have a visual representation, which you can keep going back to when you get rusty. 

I also have everything printed out and stuck on my wall, so when I am baking a cake I go through it once more – even though I have committed it to memory. I like reviewing it, knowing that I am creating the right flavours and combinations. It has been really, really useful. 

How did you find the virtual delivery of the course? 

It was very well laid out and structured – it was calm and there was enough detail for you to understand. It was also nice to see the little tricks from a professional. They really help in baking and make you try things in a different way. It’s also good to have the video as a constant go-to and reminder. 

Would you like to take any further courses with Rosalind Miller? 

Yes! I’m actually interested in the Watercolour Monet course. That was the initial class that I really wanted to take and I felt that it was very all-encompassing. It’s over two days and I would learn so much more, so as soon as that opens up I’d really like to sign up for it. 

Do you feel like this course has helped you with your business, aside from just the baking side of things?

I think it’s helped me be more confident in my own product because sometimes you second-guess and ask questions such as, is my oven the right temperature? Or is my sponge going to be dry? But now I know I have followed this method to perfection, it is tried and tested, and I know I am going to be delivering something that is going to be enjoyed by everybody, and I think that’s more satisfying. 

I used to have this habit of constantly asking my clients if they were sure their cake was ok, waiting for the negative criticism to come – almost jinxing it that there’s going to be something wrong. But now I feel confident enough to know there is nothing wrong, it’s absolutely fine! 

It’s given me that boost of knowing that I am delivering something of exceptional quality. I’ve used the best ingredients and have stopped doubting myself in terms of my product. The fact that I have done this course means that I can say you are getting the same sponge that’s being sold in Harrods, just made by a different person. It’s the same recipe – and that is something that I am definitely proud of. 

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