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Dreaming of becoming a brilliant baker? Want to learn the secrets of sugar craft? Or longing to start your own cake business? Come and join us at our cake decorating school in London to learn our techniques and secrets from our 10+ years of experience in the cake industry.

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Cake Classes and Cake Making Courses


Held in our London cake decorating school, our Professional Diploma in Cake Baking and Decorating and our individual Masterclasses will teach you everything you need to know to make the most beautiful and delicious cakes and sweet treats.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student, our cake classes are open to all and taught in small intimate groups to ensure the best possible learning experience. With Rosalind’s prestigious design background, our ethos is to develop each individual students’ own artistic style and confidence to produce their own stunning and delicious designs.

Through the cake making courses, you’ll be taught by our expert tutor team who work within our  cake studio, teaching you the exact same commercial methods and techniques we use to bake and design our bespoke collection of cakes. Becoming a certified expert baker and cake designer in a broad scope of areas has never been so easy.

Covid-19: We have undertaken a thorough Covid 19 Risk Assessment and will be following the correct health and safety procedures adhering to all the Government guidelines regarding social distancing and making the school Covid-19 secure. We have reduced class numbers to a maximum of 6 (for practical classes) so that everyone has their own individual work station. In the event that we have to postpone these dates due to Covid-19, your booking will be postponed to a future date with first option to secure the next dates available. Please feel free to contact us for further info. We do have waiting lists available for all classes so please contact us on if you wish for your name to be added to the waiting list.


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Our extensive range of cake making courses teach bakers tried and tested professional baking techniques to create cakes of the highest quality and design detail. Our masterclasses teach expert baking in areas such as: impressionist buttercream painting, watercolour monet design, vegan baking fundamentals, and how to create the perfect finish for a flawless cake. We also offer diplomas in the ultimate dessert table, the foundations of baking and decorating, flora tiered design techniques, contemporary fondant techniques – and so much more. Our talented founder, Rosalind, and will also be present at times to ensure that you learn how to make your cakes to the highest professional standard.


We also offer private classes for individuals or groups, and corporate team-building classes. Book your place below or get in touch here to learn more.

Class Testimonials

Have loved every moment of this course. Inspirational, confidence building and so different to all other schools. Pen was so supportive and gave excellent feedback and improvement suggestions. Her encouragement was outstanding. I never thought I could be so creative. – Heather, Advanced Diploma Module, December 2020
The course has been invaluable, I'll take all the information I have learnt so much. The teachers, including Rosalind and Yas, have been so willing to give and explain all the knowledge they have. Everyone here is so amazing and I'm so glad that I came to this cake school and not any other. SO HAPPY! – Alina, The Full Professional Master Diploma, December 2020
I have taken away a lot of gems from this class and having Pen as a teacher I could not have asked for more. Nothing was too much, I was never made to feel silly. I feel a lot more confident and cannot wait to use my newly learnt skills. Will definitely do more classes. – Keisha, The Perfect Finish, December 2020
This is a wonderful course, it covers lots of techniques. I have learnt so many new things I can do with fondant! Pen is a fabulous teacher, everyone has the creative freedom to design a cake that suits them. It’s a lovely relaxed environment in class. – Holly, Advanced Diploma Module, December 2020
I attended the vegan masterclass yesterday where we were taught how to make a semi naked vegan chocolate cake! It was a fantastic course learning some great tips for basic baking and the vegan cake turned out the best vegan cake I have ever tried!!
Becky the teacher was fantastic ... I highly recommended the course ?
– Jaspal, Vegan Baking Fundamentals, December 2020
Have absolutely loved every second of this course! Feel completely overwhelmed in a great way, for the wealth of information we have learnt in such a short space of time. It has allowed me to learn completely new disciplines e.g. fondant, sugar flowers & allowed me to retry others that I hadn't yet mastered (macarons) under watchful eyes so I could exactly pinpoint my prior mistakes. All 3 teachers were friendly and so helpful, answering questions and giving the kind of great tips that you would only get from seasoned professionals and not in books. – Charlene, Diploma Module 3 - The Complete Dessert Table, November 2020
5* Becky was a great teacher, especially under COVID conditions. Patient, helpful and encouraging. Great set up - amazing day. – Michelle, Impressionist Buttercream Painting, September 2020
Had a fantastic day! Becky was brilliant. Very clear instructions with lots of practical tips and hints! Learnt so much about making and using buttercream that I didn't know before. So valuable! – Francesca, Impressionist Buttercream Painting, September 2020
5/5. Outstanding course - cannot believe how much I learned!! – Valeria , Impressionist Buttercream Painting, February 2020
An amazing weekend. So enjoyable even though we did so much. I have been on many courses and this is truly one of the best. Penny is amazing! – Rashmi , Watercolour Monet, February 2020
Very informative, covered lots which was great! Chocolate sponge was a favourite. All the methods were taught clearly and the classes were taught clearly and the classes went at a good pace. 5/5 – Holly , Diploma Module 1 - The Foundations of Baking and Cake Decorating, February 2020
Amazing! I absolutely loved everything from the beginning to the end. The teachers are fantastic and very patient. Dream come true!!! – Maliha , Diploma Module 1 - The Foundations of Baking and Cake Decorating, February 2020
Absolutely amazing. I'm so glad to have come across Rosalind's website. 5 day intensive course, it was intensive but totally enjoyable and worth it. The team are great. Becky is absolutely brilliant. I have booked another course already! – Maria, Diploma Module 1 - The Foundations of Baking and Cake Decorating, February 2020
I have enjoyed the class immensely. I came to learn how to achieve sharp edges but have learned so much more. All the teachers have been fantastic - encouraging and supportive. Becky is an amazing tutor and pushed me out of my comfort zone! – Angela, Diploma Module 1 - The Foundations of Baking and Cake Decorating, January 2020
I really enjoyed the course - I learned techniques to achieve perfect finishes. Becky was guiding us all week, patiently and insistently! Surely coming back for more x – Muneera, Diploma Module 1 - The Foundations of Baking and Cake Decorating, January 2020
The School is so chic and beautiful. All the teachers were so encouraging, kind and really good. Everything was perfect! Thanks for everything – Clementine, Diploma Module 2 - Essential Techniques for Wedding Cakes and Favours, October 2019
I love being here! I enjoyed every moment of the course. It is friendly and professional and tutors are amazing in the way they teach. I can say it is relaxed atmosphere. I look forward for the rest of the modules. Thank You! – Rima, Diploma Module 1 - The Foundations of Baking and Cake Decorating, November 2019
What a fabulous week creating something I never thought I could do. – Toni, Diploma Module 4 - Floral Tiered Cake: Design and Techniques, October 2019
The class was more than I expected! The instructors were so clear and easy to follow. Pen was fabulous! I'm very pleased with my end result and would recommend the class very highly. – Kirsten, Diploma Module 4 - Floral Tiered Cake, August 2019
Wonderful module! I had very little knowledge on how to make sugar flowers before starting the module and feel I am leaving the module with loads of knowledge and confidence. Each teacher was very patient and friendly, very approachable. Brilliant module. – Nuala, Diploma Module 4 - Floral Tiered Cake, August 2019
An amazing week - thank you. Absolutely loved my time and being taught by Rosalind and Pen was fab - so many inspiring ways of making and arranging flowers, tips and hints. Feeling very inspired! The lightness of touch of both Rosalind and Pen is second to none. Thank you x – Claudia, Diploma Module 4 - Floral Tiered Cake, August 2019
I enjoyed the variety of the class. We got to ask so many question and all of them were answered professionally. The student handbook was very useful too. – Alexandra P, Diploma Module 3 - The Complete Dessert Table, August 2019
Very broad and comprehensive syllabus. Really enjoyed the days spent in the kitchen with Cristina learning all the science and chemistry behind different techniques. Also really liked learning about planning the cake and dessert table layouts. – Rosie, Diploma Module 3 - The Complete Dessert Table, August 2019
Excellent week that completed all the other modules I did in May. I think it is very complete with various things to see. Best module of all! – Alexandra D, Diploma Module 3 - The Complete Dessert Table, August 2019
The Foundations Of Baking course was one of the best courses I have taken. The class size, expertise of the instructors and the one-on-one assistance were all exceptional. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to obtain skills for decorating from the professionals – Lisa, Diploma Module 1 - The Foundations of Baking and Decorating, April 2019
Great course. Really enjoyable! I had knowledgeable, friendly and approachable teachers who worked with everyone. Would recommend to anyone wanting to take their baking to the next level. My instructor Becky was so patient and a really great teacher. I have loved my week here and wish it could go on longer. – Mary, Diploma Module 1 - The Foundations of Baking and Decorating, April 2019
I had so much fun in the class. Becky was an amazing instructor. This is a very informative course and couldn't get any better than this. – Chadia, Diploma Module 1 - The Foundations of Baking and Decorating, April 2019
It's been a very rewarding experience with high-level instructors, excellent material and brand new equipment. I have learned a lot in the Foundations Of Baking And Decorating Module, and I look forward to attending all modules to complete the Professional Diploma. Big thanks to the instructor Becky for her time with us. – Alexandra D, Diploma Module 1 - The Foundations of Baking and Decorating, April 2019
I just wanted to provide some feedback and say that the teacher was absolutely incredible. She is patient, friendly and very passionate about her job. I enjoy her classes so much that I booked two classes with her! She is a real asset to your company.
– Carmen, Baking Fundamentals, April 2019
I have attended the full Diploma and can honestly say it was the best decision I have ever made. I have thoroughly enjoyed every module and learnt so many different techniques that I now feel confident enough to start the process of opening my own business. Rosalind and her team have been absolutely amazing, always there to answer questions and impart their wisdom. I would do it all again if I could! Also I have made friends for life with 'The Original Diploma Girls'. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – Lisa, The Full Professional Master Diploma, April 2019
I absolutely loved the Diploma course! I have taken so many courses in the cake world but none even compare to this course! From the lovely teachers, to Rosalind and Yasmine! The lessons I have learnt have brought my dreams closer. I really learnt SO much and the knowledge and patience from everyone here has been amazing from start to finish. – Yassmina, The Full Professional Master Diploma, April 2019
Every part of the Diploma has been so very enjoyable and informative and the results I have produced have exceeded my expectations by miles!! I cannot wait to do the Dessert Table Module to complete my Diploma!!! The teaching in all areas is exceptional and has given me the confidence to go forward and start my business. – Niki, The Full Professional Master Diploma, April 2019
I have enjoyed this course very much. It has changed my life and made me believe I can achieve wonderful things and make beautiful creations. The team has been lovely, I think everyone has their own speciality and this has worked well. I am also pleased that the cake school shared all their top tips. I found the Sugar Flowers module a bit difficult but the result was lovely. Thank you Rosalind, Yasmine, Carla, Becky, Cristina and baby Lauren! – Zahrah, The Full Professional Master Diploma, April 2019
From start to finish, the diploma modules have been fantastic. I have learnt so much, from the baking fundamentals, to sugar flowers, to the business side of the industry. All the staff are wonderful people and fantastic teachers, sharing their individual knowledge in different areas. Thanks all, see you again soon :) – Jo, The Full Professional Master Diploma, April 2019
A truly fabulous course! A very packed few days that DID cover everything you need to know in relation to cake design, costing, business, social media and photography. Excellent tutors, I can't wait to put it all into practice. Many thanks! – Nicola, Diploma Module 5 - Design, Business & Photography, April 2019
I had a fantastic time at Rosalind Miller Cake School on the Design, Business & Photography module. I gained valuable knowledge into the industry and a great opportunity to learn photography skills and cake costings! Thank you! – Sarah, Diploma Module 5 - Design, Business & Photography, April 2019
I cannot over emphasise enough how amazing Rosalind and her team are. Loads of skills to be learnt, amazing techniques. Don't second guess it, go for it and you will be happy you did. Many thanks Rosalind and team, your designs are unique and your cakes are beautiful inside and outside. – Onyi, Diploma Module 5 - Design, Business & Photography, April 2019
What a wonderful experience, I loved every minute of the course! The trainers are incredibly competent and have such a broad range of skills, it was fabulous having such a range of teachers, each with their own skillset and way of doing things. It is great to learn in such a friendly and relaxed environment. I highly recommend Rosalind’s courses. – Lauren, The Full Professional Master Diploma, March 2019
Just completed the first module of the Diploma and loved every minute of it!! The teachers are very knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging. So inspiring to meet and hear from Rosalind herself too. I learnt a tremendous amount and cannot wait to start the next module!! Oh and the cakes I made? Delicious! So pleased! Thank you to everyone at Rosalind Miller for a wonderful week.
– Nicola, The Full Professional Master Diploma, February 2019
Had the most fantastic week here, completing the Baking and Decorating Foundation module for their diploma. So fun, so informative, just thoroughly enjoyable. I learnt so much whilst having just the best week. Becky, Rosalind and the girls were so helpful and informative. Every little question I had they had answers for and were always merry and happy to help, no matter how tedious and dopey I most definitely was being! Thank you!! So proud of the cakes I brought home. See you soon for the next module! Can’t wait! – Jacky, The Full Professional Master Diploma, February 2019
I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all, especially to Becky for the incredible masterclass a couple of weeks ago! I really enjoyed it and have been recommending your school to as many people as possible. – Polly, Watercolour Monet (2 Days), February 2019
Thank you all so much! The class was so insightful and fun. – Leanne, Watercolour Monet (2 Days), February 2019
The London Mother reviewing our Vegan Baking Fundamentals Masterclass:

The kitchen space was light and airy with plenty of space as well as all the tools we needed to bake our masterpieces...You could almost see the sparkle in Rosalind’s eyes as she told her story. It was truly inspirational...She wasn’t reserved about dropping gems of knowledge from her experience either which really helped all of us to see how achievable running a successful business can be, with the right attitude.
– The London Mother, Vegan Baking Fundamentals, January 2019
I attended the Baking Fundamentals class on 19th January and I had an amazing time. My teacher was extremely wonderful, she explained and taught us new techniques with such preciseness and clarity. I would highly recommend all cake lovers to go to a Rosalind Miller Masterclass. – Tobi, Baking Fundamentals (1 Day), January 2019
I've been to many cake classes and Rosalind's is by far the best ever!!! She gives lots of great tips and the class is relaxed and informative.